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Artshine Instructor

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Artshine Instructor

Adriana has had many passions since she was a little girl such as drawing, singing, playing the guitar and performing. She is currently a full time student enrolled in the Human Rights program at Carleton University. Adriana is a big Disney fan and loves everything to do with nature and music. Adriana's favourite high school experience was being part of the school musical where she was given the role of Madame de la Grande Bouche in the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. She loves art and working with kids so she was extremely excited in starting to work with Artshine. Adriana is happy to be part of the Artshine team and is looking forward to sharing her love for art with all of the students that she will get the chance to instruct!


Artshine Instructor

Alex has always had a passion for art as well as working with children, and has spent her whole like participating in camps as well as taking art classes. After many high school art classes and nights at home painting, she moved into media and design. Alex graduated from Conestoga College with a diploma in Visual Merchandising, and spent her time as a co-op student as a florist. She has spent most of the last five years working in various arts programs and camps, teaching in private schools, and spending her free time creating floral arrangements. Become a part of the Artshine family is a very exciting new step for her, as art and child care have always been a huge part of her life. She is so thrilled to share her love of art, creativity, and fun with whoever she has the chance to instruct. 


Artshine Instructor

Alex has always had a passion for teaching and art. In high school, she completed every art course offered and participated in            Art Co-op program for teaching art classes. Moving forward, Alex has graduated from the Bachelor of Design program at Conestoga that focused on graphic design. 


Alex has worked as a Studio Director and Art Instructor. Currently, Alex is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator. Her projects have been shown in multiple galleries and her work has taken her to various countries. 


Alex is proud to be a member of Artshine and is excited to nurture the creativity and art skills in all of her students!


Office Manager

Alyssa is the Office Manager for Artshine. She is an alumni from the University of Waterloo, having graduated with an Honours B.A. in Legal Studies and a double-minor in Sociology and Social Development Studies.
Throughout high school and university, Alyssa took fine art and art history classes, and has visited art galleries around Canada and the United States. Over the last five years, she has worked for many Kitchener-Waterloo based companies in guest service and program coordinator roles. She is excited to manage Artshine and Arts4All’s day-to-day program operations.



Artshine Instructor

Anna has a background in graphic and packaging design as well as retail marketing and illustrator. She left her corporate job of 13 years after having her second son, to be a stay at home mom to her two small kids. During that time, Anna started freelancing and eventually was able to merge her passion for design/illustration and baking, creating one of a kind cakes and designer cookies.


When Anna's kids started school, she got involved in the school and found herself helping out in the classes, organizing activities, and designing the set for the Christmas concerts. She really enjoys being around kids, and Artshine lets Anna be in a class setting and sharing the love for the arts while still being able to run her freelance and baking business. Anna love seeing the kids beaming with pride at the end of each class.


Artshine Instructor

Growing up in Europe (Belgium), Ashley has always been surrounded by art and its history. Her passion for the arts has brought her to the University of Ottawa where she studies Visual Arts with a Minor in English. Ashley is working toward a teaching degree, and Artshine has given her amazing opportunities to work with various age groups and programs. Ashley has been working with Artshine since March 2018, and her bilingual skills allow her to focus on French elementary schools. She also works as a First Responder and has a passion for helping people in every way she can. 


Artshine Instructor

Excited to be a member of the Artshine community, Becky brings a wealth of training and experience to the team. With multiple degrees in the areas of illustration, child development, special education, and applied behaviour analysis, Becky is looking forward to working with a variety of individuals and sharing her love of art!


Artshine Instructor/Curriculum Creator

Making art accessible for everyone is a passion of Beth's.  She loves seeing how art has the ability to take down barriers and labels, and how it builds self esteem and confidence. Having worked in the developmental services for over 20 years, Beth have seen the positive effects that creative expression can have on people of all abilities.  Joining the Artshine team as an instructor and curriculum developer was a natural extension of the work Beth was already doing, and it has been an amazing experience.

Beth enjoys drawing mandalas, making painted paper collages, creating mixed media pieces and  face painting. She also loves folk music, volunteering and and spending time with her family.


Artshine Instructor

Bev is primarily a watercolour artist who enjoys teaching and plein aire painting while travelling abroad. Her work is based upon drawings from art journals, photos, observation and imagination. Her hope is that anyone who views her paintings can experience the excitement and vision that she had while creating them. Bev as an artist, teacher and mentor, continues to grow, explore, experiment and learn through her own experiences and from her students.  


Bev’s paintings represented by Fine Art America. https://fineartamerica.com/ and website: https://bev-morgan.pixels.com/


Art History Director

Brianne is the Art History Director for Artshine. She has both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Art History, receiving her Master's from Queen's University in 2017.


Brianne has been working in the field of museum education for over five years, and is passionate about Artshine's mission to provide exceptional and affordable art education to a diversity of demographics.


Artshine Instructor

Brittany has a lifelong love of the arts and a passion for connecting with people and teaching. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo in Honours Fine Arts with a Teaching Specialization and a  Bachelor of Education degree from Brock University.

Brittany has been a teacher and trainer for Artshine since 2015. Artshine enables Brittany to share her passion for art with children and the members of our community. She loves how inclusive Artshine's programming is; our sessions invite artists of all ages and skill levels to grow and gain confidence in their abilities. The young students she teaches bring such a unique quality to their artworks and she has a lot of fun trying out new mediums and experimenting with different techniques with them. Brittany is thrilled to be part of the Artshine experience!


Curriculum Director

Brittany is a part-time high school teacher and has been with Artshine since the beginning! She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Theatre from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University.

Brittany started with Artshine teaching programs in various schools and moved into the role of Curriculum Developer for elementary students, adult, and corporate programs. She loves creating projects that inspire and challenge students to bring out their individual creativity. In her spare time, Brittany creates and sells custom artwork, and hand lettered calligraphy. She also loves to paint, draw and make messy memories with her two children !


Artshine Instructor

Throughout her life, Caitlin has always had a weakness for all things creative. From arts and crafts, to knitting and crocheting, to fine arts like sculpting and painting, just to name a few. Growing up in a small rural farming community has been challenging to embrace the art world at its fullest. So she decided to go off to college in Haliburton, ON to study visual creative art and design. Now with a diploma in hand and zero money, Caitlin moved back home and has since been looking for her step forward in the art world. Since discovering and learning about Artshine and the opportunities they provide for the people out there like her, she is so excited to be a member of their team.


Artshine Instructor

Camelia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from McMaster University. Her degree allowed her to become versatile in many forms of art, however she primarily focused on mixed media pieces including digital artwork, printmaking, and most recently, textiles.


Upon graduation, Camelia worked in the art field as an instructor and Operational Assistant at Southampton Arts Centre. Now as a resident of Orillia she has joined the Artshine team in order to continue to enrich creativity in others.


Artshine Instructor

Candice has always had a passion for art and teaching. In high school  Candice took art and photography.  She graduated from Trent University with a BA in English. Following her graduation, Candice continued onto Medaille teachers college and Niagara College for her resource teacher certification. Currently, Candice is a free lance photographer. She is excited to combine her skills and creativity as a member of the Artshine team!


Artshine Instructor

Coming with humour, joy, and a most sacred love for uniqueness, Caroline is the hybrid instructor that blends an anthropology background to her current career as a portraitist, illustrator, and wall art painter.

Emerging from a blissful six years in the French traditional sphere of education, she's further developed her connection with children of all ages by doing daily collective art masterpeices, bathing ears and minds in sounds that take the creation process to roleplaying levels. "Natural order comes from a human whose senses are engaged in creating...", and it's all about bringing a higher sense of appreciation for self, as art is this meeting sone within, that eases your ability to choose what you want to do, in harmony with who you are. Always.

So wave your magic wands everyone, because you are ageless. You are good. You are everything this world ever was curious to meet.


Regional Manager, Montreal


Artshine Instructor

Colleen is a lover of all creative arts. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she earned her BFA degree from Concordia University and had a corportate career as a graphic designer, creative director, and marketing manager. After that phase, she traveled, lived, and worked in Vietnam and Cambodia for a number of years teaching English in her first year and then focused on teaching art to children and adults in the profit and non-profit areas.

Colleen is well-versed in many art mediums, inlcudig sculpting, printmaking, and photo-art. "I love creative expression in so many art forms. I particularly enjoy experimenting with mixed-media and using different materials and techniques to create an aesthetic piece, whether it has purpose or not".

Returning to Canada, Colleen continues to engross herself in teaching art to all ages.


Artshine Instructor

Daniel loves traditional and digital drawing techniques, with a focus on conceptual art. He has been drawing since he was a kid, and likes graphic styles such as comic books, video game concept art and ink-based illustration. Daniel has a formal STEM background, and is always looking for ways to incorporate creativity and technology together.


Artshine Instructor

Desiree has a love for the pursuit of creativity. She graduated in Fine Art, specializing in Printmaking. She then worked in several creative and teaching jobs, including teaching art to children and adults from home. She has worked as an artist and teacher in the Palaeontology department at the University of Witwatersrand. She has also worked as a printmaking artist and teacher. She ran her own art consulting business until she left South Africa. When she moved to Canada, she volunteered for many years at the local primary school where her children attended. Desiree loved this as she enjoys being with people and find working with children to be exciting!


Regional Manager, Niagara

Diane's mother enrolled her in an oil painting class when she was 8 years old. Her gift was the beginning of Diane's  life long passion for art. Diane pursued her education in a joint program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, where she received an honors BA in Art and Art History.

As a museum curator, Diane designed exhibits and developed bilingual school programs, and took on a variety of roles within the elementary system. She am thrilled to be an art instructor for Artshine. It is Diane's goal to share her passion for art with children, just as her first art instructor shared their passion with Diane.



General Manager

Elana joins Artshine with a passion for the Arts and a diverse business background.  She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration and a minor in Business French.  Throughout her career, Elana has worked on a variety of industries, from consumer packaged goods to consumer technology and entertainment. 

Elana is also a mosaic artist.  She is inspired by the very idea of mosaics: taking something broken and putting it together to form something new and beautiful.  She is wrapping up work on a large-scale mosaic public art installation along the Region of Waterloo's ION light rail system.  Elana lives in Waterloo with her two sons and their dog Mitzi.

From Elana, "I truly believe in what this organization stands for; providing an enriching arts experience for everyone.  I am excited about using my knowledge, skills and experience in the business, artistic and mother-of-small-children parts of my life to help Artshine and Arts4All as we continue to grow."



Arts4All Unlimited, Board of Directors, Chair

Geoff Bellew is a business executive with over 40 years' experience in the financial services, technology and consulting services industries. Geoff is currently CEO at Athena Software-- a rapidly growing global technology business offering SaaS-based comprehensive case management solutions to the human health and social services sectors. Geoff has extensive business and leadership skills at senior executive levels and has served in a senior executive capacity with Scotiabank, Manulife, ING, Aegon, Dspfactory, Mechworks Systems, Southbridge, and at Communitech where, for the 5 years before joining Athena in 2017, he served as a senior growth coach to scaling tech companies.

Geoff is an FICB and has an MBA from University of Toronto.

Geoff is also serving as Chair and Board Director of Arts 4 All and Artshine since 2013 where he willingly and most excitingly gives of his volunteer time and mentorship to support the healthy growth and outcomes impact delivered through Arts4All and Artshine programs and services. In business and in the community, Geoff has established himself as a passionate, trustworthy, creative and responsible collaborator.


Artshine Instructor

Hannah is thrilled to be a part of the Artshine team! For as long as she can remember, Hannah has had a passion for creating, whether drawing, painting, crafting, or writing. As a child, she would spend entire days lost in my imagination and my sketchbooks, constructing stories through colour and form. During middle school, Hannah delved into anything and everything craft-related: crocheting, sewing, polymer clay, embroidery, and duct tape, plastic canvas, and resin crafts. Throughout high school, sher gained expertise in a wide variety of artistic mediums, including watercolour, acrylics, oil, graphite, charcoal, pencil crayon, and printmaking. With the skills learend in school, Hannah developed by own art style, which she used to make her college portfolio. With it, Hannah was accepted into Conestoga College's renowned Graphic Design porgram, set to start in the fall of 2019.

Hannah has always loved working with kids, and teaching as an Artshine instructor gives her the opportuinity to combine her love for children with her love for everything artistic. Forming connection with her students and watching them create is such a rewarding experience. Hannah loves sharing her passion with them, as well as encouraging creativity, unique self-expression, and fun! Every child is capable of creating something beautiful and Artshine gives them the tools they need to explore their creative side.


Artshine Instructor

Heather graduated from the Univeristy of Guelph in 2017 with a major in studio art. Her passion is art and seh wishes to pass that passion onto others through teaching. She has worked with many mediums and has provided art instruction in different environments and to all kinds of wonderful people. She strives towards inclusive art instruction so that anyone can participate and not feel left out and because of this inclusiveness, Heather looks to combine her art experience and her expierence in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in creating a safe and fun art expeirence for all.

Heather actively works on her own artistic practice in-between instructor others in painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. Though she primarily focuses on piantings (either in acrylic, oil, gouache, or watercolour), she also enjoys creating acrylic pours or resin art in the spare time.


Artshine Instructor

Isobel Leidl Wilson is a Concept Artist and Illustration graduate. Isobel was born in Nova Scotia where she spend her early years learning about art from the lovely people in her life such as her monther, Judith Leidel, an art instructor at Acadian University.

She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with nature documentaries ever since she was a toddler, preferring the Discovery Channel to cartoons and turning over rocks in the backyard to toys. She has been drawing from the natural world ever since she could hold a pencil. This has inspired her love of nature and the beautiful animals that inhabit our earth.

Isobel moved to Ottawa to go to school at Algonquin College, and learn more about digital medias, and ended up falling in love with the city of Ottawa. Isobel is a young and upcoming artist who uses cutting edge digital technology to paint. She currently lives near the Rideau Canal, creating her digital paintings that reflect her love of nature.


Curriculum Creator

Jackie Traverse is an indigenous Canadian artist from Winnipeg Manitoba currently working out of Her studio in the arts district In Winnipeg .She attended the School of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba and graduated in 2009. Jackie Traverse is a multidisciplined artist that works in several mediums from oil and arcylic paintings to mixed media, stop-motion animation and sculpture. Jackie draws her inspiration from her indigenous culture and her experiences as a native woman living in Winnipeg.

Follow Jackie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Art-of-Jackie-Traverse-330720811012566/


Regional Manager, Guelph

Jen is a maker, avid library visitor and lover of food and words. One of her favourite quotes about art is, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." -Picasso

One of the ways Jen has remained an artist is by teaching and encouraging others to express themselves creatively. Before becoming a mom, Jen was a classroom teacher and now that her kids are all in school, she have been able to return to teaching - teaching art with Artshine. One of Jen's favourite things about working for Artshine is the opportunity to cheer on the artist in every student she meets both young and old.

inspireguelph@artshine.ca  ​


Regional Manager, Hamilton

For Jen, there is no greater joy than sharing her passion for art with others. Jen was born and raised in BC and has since lived all across Canada. She recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, studied graphic design at George Brown College in Toronto, and began teaching art to children and adults in Halifax. She now resides in Hamilton where she is enjoying being a Ticats fan and also exploring the thriving art scene. 

She considers herself to be a multifaceted artist and designer who loves illustration, painting and learning new forms of art. She believes that art is important for everyone at all stages in their lives and she loves to help people discover their inner artist. Jen's favourite thing about teaching art to children is the sense of pride they feel after completing a piece and watching their confidence grow.

She is so excited to be a part of Artshine and cannot wait to see what her students will create!



Artshine Instructor

Jessica is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto. She also studied in France, at Ecole des Beaux Arts de St. Etienne. She went on to work for many years as an Art Director in several advertising agencies in France, Montral, Halifax, and St. John's. After moving to Ontario and having her second child, Jessica started an off-beat chocolate company and eventually shifted to painting. She's passionate about making art accesible for children, and is often busy creating something exciting with her kids in some way, shape, or form.


Regional Manager, Ottawa

Josh is an Educational Assistant with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board with a background in Recreation and Developmental Services. He has a passion for helping children and youth reach their full potential. Josh sees the value in providing opportunities that foster creativity and build confidence in all students. 

Josh is excited to be part of the Artshine team and bring this great program to the Ottawa area!



Artshine Instructor

From as early as Karun can remember, the world of visual art has mesmerized me through multiple mediums. Whether it was a videogame or an animated film, Karun was hooked to the idea that these masterpieces were created from imagination and skill.

Karun has an animation education and has worked as a pre-production artist for 2 years. He then pursed my passion for storytelling and published his own children's books. Karun has been teaching children for over 3 years. It helps him to understand the new generation's psyche and understanding towards concepts for stories.


Artshine Instructor

Kassia has loved art since she was a kid. Kassia graduated with a fine arts degree at University of Waterloo in 2017 and is grateful to have a job where she can be creative and see others create too.  She loves working with kids and seeing them take a simple idea and letting their imaginations create something completely different and unique. Art gives Kassia so much joy and she loves seeing it bring joy to the kids she works with. 


Artshine Instructor

Kate is a part-time student at the University of Guelph where she is studying food science. Though she studies science, Kate has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember, and creating visual art has continued to be one of her favourite hobbies. However many paintings she completes, teaching kids is definitely the most rewarding way she has used my art skills. Kate loves being able to use her passion for art to help motivate children to practice their skills and to explore their creativity through different mediums and the Artshine program.


Artshine Instructor

Kaylin has been working with kids in schools, camps, clubs, and other programs for the last ten years. She graduated with her Bachelor of Social Work in 2019 and was working as a youth working with the YW Kitchener-Waterloo when she first became aware of Artshine. She was leading YW Art Factory, a free art group for girls, trans, and non-binary youth, and enlisted the help of Artshine to complete the group's mural at the end of the session. And the rest, as they say, was history! Once her contract ended with the YW, Kaylin was thrilled to transition into working at Artshine, and continue to use her love for art and her skill and experience working with kids and youth with this social enterprise.


Artshine Instructor

Katelynne is an Ontario-based artist/illustrator currently residing in Guelph, ON. She recently graduated from the University of Toronto’s Art and Art History program where she specialized in drawing and painting. Katelynne's work in her artistic practice is often autobiographical, discussing topics such as body positivity and self care.
Katelynne is a firm believer that everyone is an artist—no matter the skill, practice, etc. What Katelynne loves about Artshine is that she gets to share my passion for art with children, as well as inspire the artist in every single person she teaches. The amount of creativity the children have in the Artshine program amazes her, as every child has their own interpretation on each project they do together. It’s inspirational, not only to them but they inspire me as well. Katelynne hopes to continue to spread the message that art is for everyone, and continue to inspire each child.


Artshine Instructor

Kemahee is an instructor for Artshine. She is an alumni from the University of Waterloo and was born and raised in Kitchener. Kemahee loves culture, art and music. She graduated with an Honours (B.A) in Spanish, with a Specialization in Latin American Literatures and Cultures and a minor in Psychology. 

Kemahee began painting as a therapeutic means after a car collision changed the course of her life.  Prior to the collision, she did not know that she could paint.  It wasn’t until after the collision she realized that she was blessed with the gift of art and desires to share her art with the world.  Kemahee says “there’s always a blessing in every situation”. 

As an instructor, Kemahee loves to encourage children to find their creative voice and express it in through their art. She often diversifies the art lessons to encourage children to add their own personal touch to their art. Kemahee’s main priority is to help build and nurture children’s self-esteem. “It’s amazing what encouraging a child can do. I really believe in the vision behind Artshine and I desire for every child to get the full Artshine experience”! 


Arts4All Unlimited, Board of Directors, Treasurer

Kent Taylor  has over 24 years experience working in the youth justice system here in waterloo region.  Kent is currently the Program Director for the youth reintegration program at Ray of Hope. Prior to this role Kent was the Program Director for Hope Harbour home; a youth correctional facility. He currently sits on the board for Youth Justice Ontario as the Treasurer and has been in this role for 5 years. Kent also represented Ray of Hope at the Connectivity tables in Cambridge and Kitchener for 2 years. He has worked with a number of agencies in the region including both local school boards as well.

Kent chooses to invest his time on the Board as treasurer for Arts4all Unlimited because he believes in the Artshine program and its impact on youth. The ability to have the opportunity to be creative is something everyone should have as it can be life changing.


Arts4All Unlimited, Board of Directors, Secretary

Krista has been passionate about working with children and youth for many years. She currently works as the Program Coordinator at Waterloo Region Family Network where she oversees the children and young adult programs – an opportunity that allows her to create relationships and environments where everyone can contribute and thrive. Krista has gained valuable experience in recent years working in both community and residential settings.

​Krista chooses to invest her time into ARTSHINE/ARTS4ALL because she truly believes in what the organization does - create a community where participation in the arts is not limited by income, ability or life circumstances.


Artshine Instructor

Kristen is an Ontario based artist, educator, and dance instructor currently residing in Orillia, Ontario.


Kristen graduated Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, with an Art Fundamentals Certificate and is currently studying Early Childhood Education at Georgian College in Orillia, Ontario. In between studying, she has travelled the world and experienced depth and understanding for different cultures and crafts. She love to express myself and tell stories through art!

Kristen has joined the Artshine team to understand and learn with children through the arts programs. Watching a child in true engagement with art brings her heart joy. Artshine has a wealth of opportunity to grow as a whole community and she is excited to be a part of this creative endeavor!


Artshine Instructor

Kyra always loved being creative and having fun through art. She values its availity to express our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Art is a medium which has no rules and should be enjoyed by everyone. Kyra is very excited about being part of the Artshine and Arts4All team, so that she can share her passion for art with all ages.


She is in her final year of studies at the University of Waterloo, majoring in Social Development Studies and minoring in Fine Art.


Art is an integral part of her life and after finishig school, she plans to continue to use art to connect and grow with others.


Artshine Instructor

Lisa has always been passionate about art and creative expression throughout her life. Her family's background in performing, painting, and craftsmanship have helped her to develop and explore different art forms. She has always loved to build and create things with her hands and welcomes the opportunity to foster a love of the arts with others. Her current passions include decoupage, macro photography, and chalk sign painting.


Lisa is thrilled to be a part of the Artshine team and can't wait to work with a diverse range of artists through Miss Frizzle's motto: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"


Artshine Instructor

For as long as Liz can remember “creativity” has been part of her life.  Watching her Grandpa and Mom paint were early inspirations. Attending Art camps and paint days were always joyfully anticipated.

During school and varied work carriers, “creative projects “were never far away.  Liz had the pleasure of organizing and teaching children’s art programmes for many years in Owen Sound, Walkerton and Hanover.  She enjoys hearing from these past student “Picassos” that still call her “Miss Liz”.

Liz is an award winning artist, wife, mother, friend and a new favourite “grandma”.  Liz’s work can be seen in local venues in Bruce and Grey Counties, Durham Herb Fair, Folmer’s Spring in the Garden, Walkerton Juried Art Show, Davishill Nurseries, Legacy Gallery and Spirit of the Season. Since retiring, Liz has taken up the watercolour brush to add to her creative repertoire. 


“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others”


Artshine Instructor

Lyne has joined Artshine because it combines her love of children and making crafts.

Coloring, painting, crafting fulfills many hours of pure happiness for Lyne. In each Artshine class, she am hoping to share her love for creating art with kids, get them engaged, embrace their creativity and most of all, make them feel proud about themselves. 

​Artshine is a great school program, the reward of seeing kids smiling about their amazing art project is a simple pleasure of life and essentially, this is what art should feel like.


Artshine Instructor

Mallory is passionate about art and is a creative thinker. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture and Installation from OCAD University, and a Bachelor of Fine Art and an Advanced Fine Art Diploma from Fanshawe College.

She enjoys working and teaching people of all ages unique art techniques while fostering meaningful connections through the creation of art. Mallory loves to paint, draw, and craft. When she is not working with youth in in the community, she is creating art. She is excited to share her passion with the community an an instructor of Artshine.


Artshine Instructor

Mark is super excited to join the Artshine Team! He has been drawing and making art since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He graduated from OCAD in Toronto with a Bachelors of Design in Illustration and is always looking forward to sharing his skills with people of all ages. Mark has experince in collage, mixed media, watercolour, pen and ink, painting, digital drawing and community murals. When he's not teaching art he enjoys drawing and painting with his 4 year old daughter.


Artshine Instructor

Maya is happy to join the Artshine team as instructor in both Anglophone and Francophone schools.  Originally from Kitchener-Waterloo, Maya completed a BA in Fine Arts specializing in printmaking from the University of Waterloo. She then moved to Montreal seeking adventure, creativity, and culture. While there, Maya finished an MA in Art Education from Concordia University and was also a member of the Atelier Circulaire printmaker collective. Her work, which plays with line, colour and texture, has been exhibited in group shows in Ontario and in Montreal. Maya enjoy being creative in every aspect of my life, whether it be cooking, crafting, teaching or spending time with her two artists-in-the-making at home!
Maya believes that education happens everywhere and can be for everyone.  For Maya, teaching the visual arts embodies this belief: art education is an asset to all by providing them with a common cultural language. Not all students will become artists, but by being exposed to a variety of educational experiences including the arts, they will learn that there are many ways of understanding the world around them.  


Artshine Instructor

Maya is a part time French teacher and an art instructor with Artshine in Barrie French schools. She graduated from a French school with a Baccalaureate degree issued from France. A graduate of Fine Arts and Interior Design, Maya taught drawing and arts at International French and English schools in Dubai. She have a passion for art, and is an occasional painter for family and friends. As a mother of four kids, Maya believes that no two children are alike; every child is different with a unique combination of abilities and needs that shape the way they learn.  


Artshine Instructor

Megan has had a passion for art since I was a little girl. She was enrolled in Saturday art classes and took every art and creative course that was available to her throughout high school. 

Megan is a Child & Youth worker and is excited to be part of the Artshine team; a motivated and fun group of people who truly enjoy their jobs. Artshine has allowed her to experience various opportunities and will continue to do just that. For Megan, Artshine is more of creative outlet and she thoroughly enjoys seeing what the kids and youth she teaches comes up with.


Artshine Instructor

Megan has always had a passion for the visual arts especially painting.

She loves working at Artshine because of her love for children as well as teaching and the arts. Megan hopes to travel and to continue to explore her creativity and art across the globe.


Regional Manager, GTA West

Minoya is the Regional Manager for GTA West and an instructor for Artshine. She completed her BA in Anthropology at McMaster University.

Minoya is a self-taught watercolourist and has been working in the field of museum and arts programming for the last 3 years. As a lifelong learner, Minoya is thrilled to play a part in Artshine's mission to make art art education accessible to everyone.



Artshine Instructor

Monica has loved art, especially drawing, since she could hold a pencil. For Monica, it has always been the best form of expression and conduit for her imagination. Her love for working with children led her to acquire a bachelor's degree in education.

It was through Artshine that Monica not only got to use her two favorite skills, but she also discovered a passion for working with people of all ages with disabilities and special needs. Through these programs everyone is able to let their creativity loose and accomplish something beautiful, and Monica is proud and grateful to be a part of this process.


Subscription Coordinator

Natalie is the Subscription Coordinator for Artshine. She is an alumni from the University of Toronto, and is currently completely her Bachelor of Education at Western University with a specialization in Early Childhood Education.


Natalie has a love of art and teaching, which she discovered while working and volunteering in museums. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys creating one of a kind items for people across Canada.  Natalie is can’t wait to share her love of art with the Artshine community and is excited to inspire others to create masterpieces of their own.



Artshine Instructor

Nivine is a student at Niagara College, who previously studied Graphic Design and is now working her way towards the Social Services field. Art has allowed Nivine to find ways to express herself and appreciate how much we can do with it. In the past, Nivine got to work with children of all ages. Working with kids brings her so much joy and she aspire to be a good role model for children by encouraging them to express themselves and be who they truly are. From a young age, Nivine always loved art and got to create her own projects and today Nivine hope to give back to the community by embracing art and helping kids find their passion! With her background in Graphic Design, Nivine had the wonderful opportunity to find her own style. She worked with mixed media and learned fundamental skills. She loves to create pointillism art, as it follow many design principles and elements such as contrast, balance, emphasis, movement and so on. Nivine excited to be a part of Artshine because she strongly believes that art should be encouraged and children are have so much talent that will shine right through!


Community Development Manager

Oriel is delighted to be the Community Development Manager for Artshine. She is a Wilfrid Laurier alumni and a recent graduate of Conestoga College's Integrated Marketing and Communications program. She is eager to use her skills, creativity, and passion for non-profit organizations at Artshine.

Oriel has always been a creative spirit, dipping her hands in all mediums - but making paper mache masks has always been her favourite, During how downtime, you can find her training her puppy, Bowser, or planning her next trip.



Artshine Instructor

Renee has always loved to draw, even as a child. Creating different ideas and watching as it comes together. It was no surprise that she went to art school at Sheridan college and later on to Algonquin college for animation for television.

Working with children in the Artshine program has been a fun, creative way to motivate in a positive way. Renee considers herself a kid at heart, so we all can be silly! On the side she also oil paints and is part of a theatre group in her community. Renee says that "the “arts” have always been in my blood".


Artshine Instructor/Curriculum Creator

​Ever since she was a child, Sana always had a strong passion for arts and crafts. She just recently finished receiving her Bachelor's in Fine Art and a Teaching Preparation Specialization.

Sana's favourite part about Artshine is being able to share her love of art with children. Artshine helps children foster their creativity where they can have a fun and enjoyable experience. 


Artshine Instructor

Studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa, Senka is passionate about helping students access their creative potential and develop their technical skills through fascinating projects. She believes that art should be open to everyone, regardless of experience or “talent.” Mainly practicing in sculpture and media arts, Senka is equally enthusiastic about painting and drawing, believing that all mediums and art forms can grow alongside one another. In her teaching, she encourages students to challenge themselves all the while remaining true to their creativity.


Regional Manager, GTA

Setareh is a full time student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying French, and hopes to get her Bachelor of Education after she completes her undergraduate degree. Setareh has always had a huge passion with working with children and expressing hercreativity. In the summers, Setareh work as a summer camp counsellor and one of her favourite things to do with  campers is super fun crafts. She loves seeing children push themselves to express their creativity and creative imaginable and unique things. Setareh also thinks working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs she can have, and every class is a new adventure. Artshine is an amazing program where Setareh can help children expand their creativity and watch them creative amazing things!



Artshine Instructor/Curriculum Creator

Sonia has a lifelong devotion to art and children, starting her journey with art at the age of 2. Sonia has illustrated over nine children’s books. Her most recent book earned her the 2016 mom’s picks award and a bronze Moonbeam award.

Sonia has earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a diploma in Early Childhood Education specializing in inclusion, supporting children with special needs. Sonia sees her role at Artshine as a perfect opportunity to connect both of her passions. She loves the art the children create through the program and she loves the positive outcome the art creates for the children.


Artshine Instructor, Curriculum Creator

Stephanie has loved art ever since she was little. She have my Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree from Queen's University and has been working in Arts Education.

Stephanie began teaching with Artshine in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the program. The focus was on process rather than perfection - teaching students to use their imagination and develop their technical skills in fun and engaging ways. When she's not teaching with Artshine, Stephanie runs her own art studio. Her work can be viewed at Paula White Diamond Gallery in Waterloo and at Canvas Gallery in Toronto.


For more info about me and my work visit: www.stephaniefehrenbach.ca


Art Supplies Manager

Art has always been a hobby of Taryn's. Throughout her children and teen years, she studied fine art and learned to work with a variety of mediums. In her adult years, Taryn put her education and passion for visual art to use by teaching through Artshine's non-profit sister company, Arts4All. Taryn loves working with people who do not necessarily like art but are will to try something new. She is often surprised at how many non-artists love learning new art skills and using that creative part of their brain. Art continues to bring Taryn joy and relaxation, and she tries to enocurage others to give it a try and be aopen to the positive feelings art inspires.


Regional Manager, Barrie

Tina is an artist with a passion for polymer clay. Having the privilege of teaching children's art for over 10 years has given her the opportunity to share my love of creating. A fine arts graduate from Georgian College, Tina is a wife, mother, pet owner, and outdoor enthusiast living in Innisfil, Ontario.

inspirebarrie@artshine.ca   ​


Artshine Instructor

Trina Nadeau, active in community arts, enjoys creating and sharing in the arts experience with Artshine.  Music plays a part in Trina's life, with various bands, and teaching.  She is grateful for being part of the creative journey Artshine and music cultivates.


Artshine Instructor

Valerie comes to Artshine with a diverse background including a great passion for the arts, helping children grow, and building strong communities. She has a Bachelor of Social Development Studies and a Bachelor of Social Work, both from the University of Waterloo. She also has a certificate in part-time French Language Sutdies from the Universite de Moncton. Currently, she is working on her Masters of Social Work at the University of Windsor.

Valerie previously taught yoga camps to children and youth at the YMCA in Stratford. She would use art as a tool to help the children and youth understand the different poses and create collages of their favourite postures as large as their bodies. 

She is looking forward to applying her art and yoga knowledge to the classroom for Artshine!


Art Supply Room Assistant

Vanessa is a hard worker, motivated, and reliable. She has set goals for herself and has achieved some of her goals already.

Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Some of the things she enjoys are reading, swimming, yoga, movie nights, baking, and going to the gym.