COVID-19 Operations

Artshine in a Box

COVID-19 Procedures

Dear Artshine Family and Friends,

Paul here, just checking in to update you on the changes we've implemented during these scary times to ensure the safety of my customers and family. While all my staff are at home, I'm still prepping orders but with extra precautions. 


While practicing social distance, Canada Post picks up boxes that are ready to ship out. Also during this period, it's normal for your order to be delayed from Canada Post.

Studio Space:

The prep area I use to pack each box is sanitized before and after each session,  I also wear PPE (e.g., gloves and mask) at all times. In between prepping orders, hands are washed with soap and new gloves are reapplied. 

Thank you for your support during this time, it means everything to the Artshine team. To continue to ensure the safety of my customers, I am keeping up to date with standards and protocols set by the Government of Ontario. Stay safe everyone, hope to see all of you soon!