Unite Your Team

(up to 100 participants!)

Our easy-to-follow art lessons cater to all skill levels. Supplies are pre-shipped to your head office to or to individual homes.

We go beyond the brush. As a team you'll learn how to create unique textures using tools like palette knives, wood, and gold & silver leafing.


We also cover color mixing: why specific colors work together and how to blend them skillfully.

Remote Teambuilding

Build company culture from home with a fun social experience for teams of all sizes that strengthens relationships, enhances listening and communication, reduces stress, and encourages self-expression.

Minimum 10 participants required

>  Just $39.95 / person

Request a Teambuilding Session:

Musical Meet-Ups

Once the threat of Covid dissipates, we hope to resume our Group Drumming Sessions option. In a relaxed environment, your group can learn to play simple rhythms on hand drums and to create their own unique soundscapes by adding shakers, rain-sticks and percussion instruments. No experience needed! All instruments are provided. It's worry-free.

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optional ADD-ON

MURAL FEATURE WALL   ~   We collect individual canvases from participants & assemble them into a mounted mosaic highlighting your company logo, mantra, or more!



Office Number: 226 647 2777
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44 Gaukel St. Kitchener, ON N2G 4P3
Email: manager@artshine.ca

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