Through Arts4All, Artshine profits are invested back into the community.

Our enriching experiences involving art, music and movement are thereby made available to individuals with special needs, seniors, and many others who are disadvantaged by life circumstances.

Supporting the Community

Artshine instructors venture out to places such as senior citizens’ homes, churches, community centers and educational institutions.

Through Artshine programs, those with special needs, behavioural issues, addictions, and emotional problems are given a chance to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

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We don't just provide instructional art seminars. Artshine & Arts4All undertake programs that help individuals and groups to express themselves creatively. With what result?


Students experience positive personal satisfaction from what they have accomplished. They have greater self-confidence. And they are equipped to engage within their communities in upbuilding ways.

You can play an important role in exposing more and more people in your community to these benefits. One way is by donating. Help support us as we build a healthy, inclusive, and exciting future for the arts.


Arts4All is our non-profit sister company, dedicated to making participation in the arts available to all, including underprivileged individuals, at-risk youths, and people living with disabilities.

Our Sponsors:

We would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support, helping us create a healthy, inclusive, and beautiful future together by letting art shine!

K&WS - KWCF logo-01.jpg

We would like to recognize and thank The Keith and Winifred Shantz Fund for the Arts and KWCF for the COVID-19 Arts Sustainability and Recovery fund.

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Centre In The Square has partnered with Artshine/Arts4all to provide Visual Art workshops for underprivileged girls and women in local communities in 2020. These workshops provide a unique opportunity for creative self-expression while offering participants access to high-quality arts materials and instructional programs. Artshine’s partnership programming endeavours to provide an environment for intergenerational socialization and community collaboration. Furthermore, these workshops serve to build self-esteem and belonging through the exhibition of participants’ artworks at an annual Art Showcase.


The Waterloo Potters' Workshop is a non-profit organization situated in the Jacob Eby farmhouse in Waterloo Park in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

J-Mar Construction

Indoor Hygenics Inc.

Yann Martel

Barbara Reid

For more information on sponsorship download our flyer here!

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