When birthday bowling is overdone, try an artsy group activity that every party-goer will love, every time

Sweet Memories

What could be a better compliment to cake and ice cream than art? It's just as colorful and possibly just as messy!​

Group art experiences foster open-mindedness, draw friends closer, and make for some sweet memories.

​Thinking to throw a party soon? Book one of our instructors for a virtual party today!

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For only $199.50 + HST you'll get:​

• Party for up to 10 --- * $17 + HST per child additional cost for parties greater than 10 guests.​

• One-hour virtual instructor-led group art project of choice. Browse projects below! 

• Complimentary gift: 9x12" Art Portfolio or Artshine Snap Back Hat for the birthday child.

• All supplies provided and mailed directly to address(es) of your choice (add $15 + HST shipping cost per child)​.

​Grab a slice of cake, sit back and enjoy following our lively and talented instructors!​

*We ask that all birthday party requests be made a minimum of three weeks in advance*

Ready to Add a Sprinkle of Art to Your Party?