About Artshine and Arts4All

Artshine was founded to share the joy of creating art with children and adults across Canada. Founder Paul Field is an artist and entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping others live better lives through art. From his background in social work Paul knows the good that art education brings, from building confidence to facilitating emotional healing.

Paul also knows the struggle for consistent funding to support art education in social and community programs. That is why the profit from Artshine funds Arts4All. Through Arts4All Paul and his team bring that same joy of creating art to people who do not have the means to pay for arts programs, but who greatly benefit from them. It is a wonderful way for those who have the means to give back, while also enjoying the benefits of after school art programs, art workshops and art-in-a-box lessons.

kids doing art in class
Paul Field

What Inspired Artshine?

Founder of Artshine and Arts4All, Paul Field, shares his story:

I started on this journey with my first job creating a mural at a Youth Centre working with the youth there.
There I saw firsthand the positive impact that art programs can have. One of my mural painters had an amazing talent but had never had the opportunity to show it. The pride this young person felt when ever visitors praised the mural was life changing.  I saw him grow and succeed, getting his high school diploma and a job. This convinced me to bring art education to all my social work roles, using it to create a safe healing space for my clients.  What frustrated me though was the lack of consistent funding for art supplies and education in social programs.

I learned early in life and in social work that money goes to essentials and there is rarely any left for art supplies or lessons. Still, I persevered and found the resources to make my art programs happen. What finally broke my resolve was a federally funded gang prevention program for youth. I worked with the at-risk youth in the program helping them break the cycle of addiction and make better choices. I helped them open their own art studio and run their own art shows. These young people were able to create art while meeting with their counsellors, building confidence and healing through expression. Some were able to sell their art. The program predictably lost its funding and the studio had to be shut down. I was so frustrated with the system at this point that I stepped away from social
work.  I changed my focus to finding a way to raise money for arts programs by starting a business.

Determined to solve this money
problem I established a consistent funding model by selling after school
programs and workshops through Artshine. Then I took the profits from Artshine and put them into the Arts4All foundation. Through Arts4All my team and I provide scholarships, and free art programs at community centers, schools,
shelters, care homes, and prisons. Though I am now an entrepreneur, I still support social services. Still give people the opportunity to heal through a creative outlet and to build confidence by learning new skills. I just expanded access to my art programs to more people, giving everyone the opportunity to
participate and take their minds off their struggles and take a much-needed break from their screens.

We're a Team of Professionals

Artshine's curriculum is created by a team of talented Art Teachers & Artists. While incorporating themes that reflect and expand on the elementary curriculum, instructors provide mentorship and guidance allowing students the freedom to explore their interest in the arts.