About artshine and Arts4all

Arts4all is a Canadian non-profit business that is funded by sister company, Artshine, a fast-growing social enterprise. Together, Arts4all and Artshine are dedicated to creating and providing art programming to communities, where participation in the arts is not limited by location, age, ability, income, or life circumstances. Arts4All offers sponsored, subsidized, and free programming opportunities to provide inclusive arts experiences for seniors, underprivileged, incarcerated, and at-risk individuals, as well as and people living with disabilities. Artshine’s head office is located in Kitchener, but programming has expanded to offer classes both in-person and online across Canada. A large part of Artshine’s programming take place in schools, with programs being offered to students during lunch time and after-school. In addition, Artshine offers summer camps, birthday parties, corporate team building events, adult workshops, and inclusive programs for adults with exceptionalities. In recent years, Artshine started an art box subscription service for kids of kindergarten and elementary school age. To continue with the theme of giving back, Artshine and Arst4all have a "get one, give one" initiative; for every monthly subscription purchased, a child, who otherwise wouldn't have access, receives a free class.

Art in Action

What Inspired Artshine?

Founder of Artshine and Arts4All, Paul Field, shares his story:

My background is in Social Work. I spent many years using art as a creative tool to help those I worked with express themselves, use their imaginations and build their confidence.

I left the field of social work due to frustrations with trying to attain government funding for art programs. I saw a huge need for affordable and free creative opportunities for children and youth, especially at the pace our digital/screen-time society is going... So I started Artshine several years ago.

Artshine is a Social Enterprise mobile art program currently running in many cities in Ontario and Montreal. We have an amazing team that runs parent-paid programs for children and youth. I put all profits from these programs back into each community we serve in the form of scholarships and free art programs. These programs are run in schools, shelters, prisons, agencies, and community centres.​

I am very fortunate to have an amazing, creative team of artists, administrators, coordinators and leaders. I'm also very grateful for our Arts4All board: Krista, Geoff, Kent, Jerrey. My biggest thanks goes to God and my very supportive family; Liana, Willow and Lachlan.

We're a Team of Professionals

Artshine's curriculum is created by a team of talented Art Teachers & Artists. While incorporating themes that reflect and expand on the elementary curriculum, instructors provide mentorship and guidance allowing students the freedom to explore their interest in the arts.  

Meet our Team