Office Team

Alyssa Gascho

Business Administration Manager; Human Resources

Alyssa is the Business Administration Manager in Human Resources for Artshine. She is an alumni from the University of Waterloo, having graduated with an Honours B.A. in Legal Studies and a double-minor in Sociology and Social Development Studies.

Alyssa holds a certificate in Indigenous Canada from the University of Alberta, as well as a Level 2 certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.

Over the last five years, she has worked for many Kitchener-Waterloo based companies in guest service and program coordinator roles.

Brianne Gascho

Art History Consultant

Brianne is the Art History Consultant for Artshine. She has both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Art History, receiving her Master's from Queen's University in 2017.

Brianne has been working in the field of museum education for over five years, and is passionate about Artshine's mission to provide exceptional and affordable art education to a diversity of demographics.

What would Brianne do with 1 million dollars? Buy a house on the ocean!

Brittany Ostofe

Curriculum Consultant

Brittany is a part-time high school teacher and has been with Artshine since the beginning! She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Theatre from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University.

Brittany started with Artshine teaching programs in various schools and moved into the role of Curriculum Developer for elementary students, adult, and corporate programs. She loves creating projects that inspire and challenge students to bring out their individual creativity. In her spare time, Brittany creates and sells custom artwork, and hand lettered calligraphy. She also loves to paint, draw and make messy memories with her two children!

Brittany's favourite T.V. show growing up? Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Caroline Lavalee-Milot

Instructor & Artshine Ambassador

Coming with humour, joy, and a most sacred love for uniqueness, Caroline is the hybrid instructor that blends an anthropology background to her current career as a portraitist, illustrator, and wall art painter.​

Emerging from a blissful six years in the French traditional sphere of education, she's further developed her connection with children of all ages by doing daily collective art masterpeices, bathing ears and minds in sounds that take the creation process to roleplaying levels. "Natural order comes from a human whose senses are engaged in creating...", and it's all about bringing a higher sense of appreciation for self, as art is this meeting sone within, that eases your ability to choose what you want to do, in harmony with who you are. Always.​

So wave your magic wands everyone, because you are ageless. You are good. You are everything this world ever was curious to meet.

Caroline's favourite cereal? Dry Cheerios with raw olive oil and herbs!

Emily Zehr

Community Engagement Coordinator

Emily's background is in Recreation and Leisure Services and she is currently completing a Gerontology certificate through Toronto Metropolitan University. She has worked in long-term care providing recreational programming to residents and often incorporated arts into her programming as a form of therapy, encouraging seniors to tap into their creativity and express themselves. Emily enjoys spending time in the outdoors and finds peace in the beauty of nature. She is the mother of two active children and loves sharing her passion for the natural world with them.

Joanna Barrington

School Program Coordinator

Joanna is excited to join the Artshine team!
With a background in Child & Youth work, as well as a love for creative projects and crafts, Artshine is a perfect fit. Before having children,
Joanna spent years traveling and meeting people, and seemed to pick a new craft
or creative project wherever she went. With her many years experience working
with children, Joanna has seen a lot of value in letting children and youth
express themselves in creative ways. After working in group homes and a youth rehab facility, it became very obvious how therapeutic the arts can be.
In her spare time, Joanna can be seen on walks
in the forest, playing board games, or visiting with friends and family. She
also loves digging in the garden, playing with her goats, doing crafts, or learning new languages.

Knox Adams

General Manager

Knox has over 10 years experience in Design and Digital Marketing as Creative Director in a small business environment. Knox holds a Bachelor of Design from Toronto Metropolitan University.  Knox volunteers in Kitchener-Waterloo with the 2SLGBTQ+ community. His hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop board games and hopes to get even more nerdy tattoos. Knox is excited to bring his experience and enthusiasm to the role of General Manager for Artshine.

Maya Grubisic

French Program Consultant

Maya is happy to join the Artshine team as instructor in both Anglophone and Francophone schools. Originally from Kitchener-Waterloo, Maya completed a BA in Fine Arts specializing in printmaking from the University of Waterloo. She then moved to Montreal seeking adventure, creativity, and culture. While there, Maya finished an MA in Art Education from Concordia University and was also a member of the Atelier Circulaire printmaker collective. Her work, which plays with line, colour and texture, has been exhibited in group shows in Ontario and in Montreal. Maya enjoy being creative in every aspect of my life, whether it be cooking, crafting, teaching or spending time with her two artists-in-the-making at home!

Maya believes that education happens everywhere and can be for everyone. For Maya, teaching the visual arts embodies this belief: art education is an asset to all by providing them with a common cultural language. Not all students will become artists, but by being exposed to a variety of educational experiences including the arts, they will learn that there are many ways of understanding the world around them.

What would Maya do with 1 million dollars? renovate my house, quit my job, donate, and make art!

Paul Field

Founder/CEO of Artshine

Paul started on this journey with his
first job creating a mural at a Youth Centre working with the youth there.
There he saw firsthand the positive impact that art programs can have. One of his mural painters had an amazing talent but had never had the opportunity to show it.
The pride this young person felt when ever visitors praised the mural was life changing.  He saw him grow and succeed, getting his high school diploma and a job. This convinced him to bring art education to all of his social work roles, using it to create a safe healing space for his clients. What frustrated him though was the lack of consistent funding for art supplies and education in social programs.
He learned early in life and in
social work that money goes to essentials and there is rarely any left for art supplies or lessons. Still, he persevered and found the resources to make my art programs happen. What finally broke his resolve was a federally funded gang prevention program for youth. He worked with the at-risk youth in the program
helping them break the cycle of addiction and make better choices. He helped them open their own art studio and run their own art shows. These young people were able to create art while meeting with their counsellors, building confidence
and healing through expression. Some were able to sell their art. The program predictably lost its funding and the studio had to be shut down. Paul was so frustrated with the system at this point that he stepped away from social work.  He changed his focus to finding a way to raise money for arts programs by starting a business. Determined to solve this money
problem Paul established a consistent funding model by selling after school programs and workshops through Artshine. He then took the profits from Artshine and put them into the Arts4All foundation. Now through Arts4All he and his team provide scholarships, and free art programs at community centers, schools, shelters, care homes, and prisons. Though Paul is now an entrepreneur, he still supports social services. Still giving people the opportunity to heal through a creative outlet and to build confidence by learning new skills.
He just expanded access to his art programs to more people, giving everyone the opportunity to
participate and take their minds off their struggles and take a much-needed break from their screens.
Paul's favorite quote is: "When You Have More Than You Need, Build A Longer Table Not A Higher Fence"

Taryn Klinkman

Accessible Programs Instructor and Trainer

Art has always been a hobby of Taryn's. Throughout her children and teen years, she studied fine art and learned to work with a variety of mediums. In her adult years, Taryn put her education and passion for visual art to use by teaching through Artshine's non-profit sister company, Arts4All. Taryn loves working with people who do not necessarily like art but are will to try something new. She is often surprised at how many non-artists love learning new art skills and using that creative part of their brain. Art continues to bring Taryn joy and relaxation, and she tries to encourage others to give it a try and be open to the positive feelings art inspires.

Taryn's go-to coffee order? An americano with steamed milk and a tiny bit of something sweet!

Wayne McCracken

Production Coordinator

Wayne values creativity and connection above all else. He is from the East coast and is a graduate of the Film & Video Production program at the College of the North Atlantic. During school, his greatest strengths were project management and video editing. He moved to Ontario after graduating and has worked with bold and innovative companies ever since. Wherever there's opportunity to grow as an artist and make an impact in the community is where he'll seek to go. Hobbies include illustration, writing, photography, and watching/talking all about movies!

Wayne's favourite T.V. show growing up? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Instructors and Curriculum Creators

Alanah Jewell

Curriculum Creator

Alanah is bear clan from Oneida Nation of the Thames. Her middle name is Astehtsi Otsistohkwa, which means Morningstar in her family's language. Art is very important to her and is a way to for her to share her culture.​
Check out Alanah's art:

Amy Darkes


Amy is a long-time art lover, and happy to try her hand at any medium available to her.
She loves to share her enthusiasm about art with like-minded people and is always up for a new challenge.
There's no limit to what can be created, so aim high!
Amy’s favourite childhood movie? Megamind!

Anna Valle-Mena

Artshine Instructor

Very excited to be joining the team again after a few years break due to the pandemic.

Art has always played a big part in her life. She holds a diploma in package and graphic design as well as being an illustrator. Two-time PAC award recipient. She took her love for painting and design and started creating one of a kind designer cakes and cookies, all hand painted free hand. She now creates edible art for others to enjoy.

Anne-Sophie Josse

Artshine Instructor

Excited to be a member of the Artshine community, Anne-Sophie enjoys painting herself. She finds joy in studying various artists' techniques and sharing her passion with others. Working with children brings her immense pleasure as she witnesses their innate creativity. She ensures they learn various techniques, such as painting with different kinds of brushes, experimenting with different pen shapes, and exploring various materials and textures. Anne-Sophie received her training in France, and when she is not teaching, she dedicates her time to working in art galleries. Her passion lies in the history of art, drawing, and painting.

Ari Nakum

Artshine Instructor

Ari is an undergraduate student studying at University of Waterloo and is thrilled to be involved with Artshine! Having spent a lot of her childhood with arts, she specifically loves watercolour painting and origami. Ari recognizes that children should express themselves freely and differently through art by using various art techniques and methods, and she encourages them to be as creative as they can be.

Ari's favourite T.V. show growing up? Friends!

Ayerica Stratton

Artshine Instructor

As a lifelong artist, Ayerica believes supporting the growth and creativity of children leads to innovative, confident, and fulfilled adults.

Ayerica is a graduate from NSCAD University and has her Bachelor of Education, yet it is the more recent years raising her two children that has truly taught her the most! Seeing the world through the curiosity of her children’s eyes has led Ayerica to believe that the willingness to “play” and experiment is truly what builds resilient and happy children.

Ayerica spends her days working out of her at home studio, focusing on oil paint and watercolour. When she is not in her studio she can be found exploring in nature with her family or snuggling a cat or two with a cup of tea!

Bayane El Aker

Artshine Instructor

Bayane El Aker, a captivating presence within our creative realm, serving as our Bilingual Art Instructor. Bayane's journey unfolds as a tapestry of academic prowess and artistic fervor, with the hallowed halls of Brock University witnessing her mastery of Social Sciences. Hailing from the enchanting city of Montreal, Bayane infuses her endeavors with a touch of magic, her heart resonating with the beauty of the French language.

While her academic pursuits navigate the complexities of society, Bayane's soul dances to the melody of creativity. Beyond deciphering the intricacies of human interaction, she immerses herself in the world of art, where every stroke of the paintbrush and every line on a sketchpad tells a unique story. For Bayane, drawing and painting are not mere pastimes; they are gateways to a realm where imagination reigns supreme, unbound by constraints.

In addition to her academic and artistic endeavors, Bayane finds immense joy in connecting with children, allowing her inner child to frolic freely. To her, life is an expansive canvas awaiting the vibrant hues of laughter, joy, and the boundless spectrum of self-expression. Join Bayane El Aker on this enthralling journey where the analytical converges with the artistic, and each day unfolds as a masterpiece in the making. Bayane brings not only her expertise but also a spirit of wonder and whimsy, transforming every learning experience into a captivating adventure.

Becky Dmitriekno

Artshine Instructor

Excited to be a member of the Artshine community, Becky brings a wealth of training and experience to the team. With multiple degrees in the areas of illustration, child development, special education, and applied behaviour analysis, Becky is looking forward to working with a variety of individuals and sharing her love of art!

BĂ©nie Girgis

Instructor & Artshine Ambassador

Just like everyone here, Bénie LOVES art. It can be paint, watercolour, pencils, clay, charcoals, or even Crayola crayons, she will work with just about any material! However, if there is something that she loves more than art, is working with people, especially kids. Children are naturally creative and are always willing to have fun! They speak their minds and Bénie enjoys lending them an ear. Her goal is not only to be their mentor but to also create an environment that encourages kids to be curious and explore new possibilities. A skill that will assist them in many years to come. Artshine brings together everything that Bénie loves, she knows how passionate her team is and she cannot wait to embark on this wonderful journey with everyone. What was Bénie’s favourite show growing up? Fairy Odd Parents was the beeeest! :)

Candice Stonham

Artshine Instructor

Candice is a mom of 2 girls, 18 and 11. She has always loved art; she took it throughout high school, taught the girls she was nannied (they still talk about their art we did), and loves making art with her daughters. Candice loves teaching and Artshine allows her to do both.

Caitlin Jackson

Artshine Instructor

Caitlin is a contemporary Canadian artist and teacher. She grew up in Ottawa, and now resides in Quebec where she finds inspiration daily surrounded by beautiful nature. She believes art should be accessible to everyone and loves learning from her students as much as teaching them. She attended Canterbury High School for Visual Arts and Concordia University for Fine Art.

Chanel Bourdeau

Artshine Instructor

Chanel Bourdeau is first and foremost, a teacher and an artist. She decided she was going to be a teacher from a young age and always dreamed of a career in the arts. She pursued these dreams through various means of studying music, dance, visual arts, and education. She achieved her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher in 2017 and has been in classrooms ever since. After school, she continued to pursue her passion for the arts with various extracurricular activities, which ultimately led her to start her own small crafting business in the summer of 2022. Her favourite, artistic mediums are watercolours and pens. She loves to create multi-medium art pieces. She also loves to doodle and draw, make cards and for all art and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. 

Chantal Allen-Robbins

Artshine Instructor

Chantal has always had a passion for art, design, and crafting.

Chantal has a background in teaching kindergarten children, mental health, and police foundations. She has worked with high-risk youth, the vulnerable community, and taught in schools for years before running a home day care.

Through school growing up, Chantal always took art classes from visual arts, dramatic theatre arts, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chantal has two children ages 6 and 9 months, and loves doing painting, coloring, crafts and, dancing with them.

She loves exploring the endless possibilities that comes with art and crafting and loves seeing a project come together. Chantal firmly believes that art is therapy whether it is in the form of dance, visual or another medium and can touch and heal many! She is excited to teach art classes and watch others explore their creative side!

Diane Montreuil

Artshine Instructor & French Program Assistant

Diane's mother enrolled her in an oil painting class when she was 8 years old. Her gift was the beginning of Diane's life long passion for art. Diane pursued her education in a joint program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, where she received an honors BA in Art and Art History.

As a museum curator, Diane designed exhibits and developed bilingual school programs, and took on a variety of roles within the elementary system. She am thrilled to be an art instructor for Artshine. It is Diane's goal to share her passion for art with children, just as her first art instructor shared their passion with Diane.

Diane's go-to coffee order? A Tim's double-double!

Erica Spero

Ottawa Regional Manager & Artshine Instructor

Bringing a zeal for community and connection, Erica is thrilled to be joining the team at Artshine!

Erica is a professional artist and visual arts instructor with a passion for life drawing, character design and expressive art.

Having always been drawn to helping others, Erica has devoted herself to cultivating a career in the arts that positively impacts and aids in her community. For over 10 years Erica has been volunteering and working within social services, including the autism community. Working as a behavioural therapist provided an opportunity to teach visual art to children and youth with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviours. This experience impressed on her the value of creative expression and the importance of accessible art for everyone.

With practical work experience and a background in Illustration, Erica draws on her skills collaborating across disciplines to provide value-driven services to persons of all walks of life.

Her favourite quote: “Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.” - Brené Brown

Hanna Koval

Artshine Instructor

Hanna Koval, originally from Ukraine and now residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a versatile artist and educator with a strong academic background. She is deeply passionate about nurturing creativity and finds joy in teaching individuals of all age groups, from children to adults, helping them tap into their artistic potential. Hanna firmly believes that drawing is a skill that significantly improves with practice and that everyone has the capacity to create remarkable works of art.

Jackie Traverse

Curriculum Creator

 Jeta Qela

Artshine Instructor

Jeta has been an artist ever since she was a child, and her passion for it has never faded. Although she is now a University student studying Criminology, she never let her love for the visual arts go. During her free time she continues to pursue her art and experiment with new mediums. Her favourite mediums to work with are water colour and graphite, although she has started moving towards digital art as well. Besides art, Jeta is an avid reader and writer. Her favourite genres are thriller and romance, her favourite book of all time is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Julie Brunet

Artshine Instructor

Julie has been drawing for as long as she can remember, and her notebooks from grade school to university were always full of doodles. She loves drawing and painting nature and all of it it's beauty. Julie is a retired teacher and taught art classes from grade 5 to 8 for most part of her career. She loves to see the glow of satisfaction in her student’s eyes when they realise they create something beautiful. She believes
that if you believe in them, they can do anything, and loves Mark Twain quote that says: “They did not know it was impossible so they did it”. During her teaching
career Julie also directed many school plays. Providing students with the opportunity to express their creativity is very important to her. Julie is a country girl and the grandma of 7 beautiful grandkids.

Julie Flynn

Artshine Instructor

Excited to be a part of the Artshine team!

Julie has always been passionate about helping others, teaching, working with children, and exploring my creative personality.

As a mom of an 8-year-old who has ADHD and ASD, introducing art at an early age helped her son to express himself in a more creative, calm, and positive mindset.

Julie has worked as an Educational Assistant for over 14 years, which has given her plenty of experience with behaviors and different learning styles.

Julie believes that you can bring creativity out in everyone!

Katelynne Cagliostro

Artshine Instructor (Halifax)

Katelynne is an Nova Scotia-based artist/illustrator currently residing in Halifax, ON. She recently graduated from the University of Toronto’s Art and Art History program where she specialized in drawing and painting. Katelynne's work in her artistic practice is often autobiographical, discussing topics such as body positivity and self care.

Katelynne is a firm believer that everyone is an artist—no matter the skill, practice, etc. What Katelynne loves about Artshine is that she gets to share my passion for art with children, as well as inspire the artist in every single person she teaches. The amount of creativity the children have in the Artshine program amazes her, as every child has their own interpretation on each project they do together. It’s inspirational, not only to them but they inspire me as well. Katelynne hopes to continue to spread the message that art is for everyone, and continue to inspire each child.

Katelynne's favourite movie? Encanto!

Louise Lalande

Artshine Instructor

Louise spent her girlhood immersed in the creative atmosphere of different cultures. This led her to study art, psychology, and architectural design, and later teach creativity and advocate for the arts and wellbeing. She is super happy to be part of the Artshine team.

Whether in French or English, she works with authenticity, kindness and humour. She focuses on the art-making process and its metaphors, encouraging imagination and discovery, rather than a defined end product.

Louise loves colour and flowers. The beauty and wonders of nature’s designs fascinate her. For more information about Louise please visit

Go to coffee order: Chai

Mahimouna Auha

Artshine Instructor

Passionate about art, the education of children, and their world full of stars, Mahimouna is committed to supporting them in their sense of creativity through art. A lover of colours and the charm that results from them, Mahimouna has the privilege of inspiring children to explore their imagination by discovering the world through the magic of artistic creation. A mother of 5 children, Mahimouna loves art, music and travel.

Marika Morelle

Artshine Instructor

She originates from Quebec but recently moved to Ontario. She’s a multidisciplinary artist but her main skills are in painting and drawing. Owner of a small business, she believes art is a wonderful way to express yourself and your emotions and turn it into something beautiful. That’s why she joined Artshine! She hopes that by teaching art to kids, she can help them express themselves by using their creativity.

Maya Mawlawi

Artshine Instructor

Megan Taylor

Artshine Instructor

Megan has always had a passion for the visual arts especially painting.

She loves working at Artshine because of her love for children as well as teaching and the arts. Megan hopes to travel and to continue to explore her creativity and art across the globe.

Megan's favourite T.V. show growing up? Scooby Doo!

Monica Burton

Accessible Program Instructor & Curriculum Creator

Monica has loved art, especially drawing, since she could hold a pencil. For Monica, it has always been the best form of expression and conduit for her imagination. Her love for working with children led her to acquire a bachelor's degree in education.​

It was through Artshine that Monica not only got to use her two favorite skills, but she also discovered a passion for working with people of all ages with disabilities and special needs. Through these programs everyone is able to let their creativity loose and accomplish something beautiful, and Monica is proud and grateful to be a part of this process.

Monica's favourtie cereal? Honey bunches of oats!

Nancy Lemelin

Artshine Instructor

Since she was a young girl, Nancy has always had a passion for all things art. She enjoys exploring new art mediums with her three children but mostly prefers drawing and painting the beauty around her. She is a firm believer that art is for everyone, and that creativity is your imagination set free. Nancy is excited to join the Artshine Team and looks forward
to sharing her love of art with others.

Natalia Austin

Artshine Ambassador

Natalia is a graduate from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College and has received her Bachelor of Arts honours degree and diploma. She has a passion for the arts, particularly in painting, sculpture and performing arts. Natalia has experience in all types of mediums including, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, print media, performing arts and design.

Natalia has been running her own art studio Art with Austin and teaching art to the Brampton community! Here, people of all ages and backgrounds got the chance to embrace their backgrounds and create artworks that spoke to them and their community. Natalia has also designed a Performing Arts Program that was dedicated to support everyone, especially low-income families and it turned into a great success!

She loves the ability to create, with any medium and see ideas come to life! Sharing these ideas and discussing how artists came up with their concepts is part of what makes art exciting for her! Natalia loves getting her hands dirty and creating something amazing. The best experiences have been working with all ages in art and guiding them through their creative process. Natalia’s goal is to continue to share my passion for the arts with everyone she encounters!

Nathalie Langlois

Artshine Instructor

Nathalie is a newly retired elementary teacher. In the last 20 years of her career, she worked in a small school where she taught art to kids from pre-kindergarten to grade 6. After 35 years of teaching, Nathalie still enjoys being around kids and working with them.
The Artshine program will be a fun way for Nathalie to reconnect with my love of teaching art. She looking forward to embracing this new project!

Nina Galajda

Artshine Instructor

Nina loves and strongly supports the development and growth of our youth today. She loves connecting with children and being there to uplift them with achieving their goals and dreams. Nina is currently studying French at Brock with hopes of becoming a teacher in the future. She enjoys art, as it was a huge part of her childhood growing up, and would love to teach it to kids and young adults, while providing the ultimate safe space for them, as Nina’s teachers did for herself.

Nivine Nahli

Artshine Instructor

Nivine is a student at Niagara College, who previously studied Graphic Design and is now working her way towards the Social Services field. Art has allowed Nivine to find ways to express herself and appreciate how much we can do with it. In the past, Nivine got to work with children of all ages. Working with kids brings her so much joy and she aspire to be a good role model for children by encouraging them to express themselves and be who they truly are. From a young age, Nivine always loved art and got to create her own projects and today Nivine hope to give back to the community by embracing art and helping kids find their passion! With her background in Graphic Design, Nivine had the wonderful opportunity to find her own style. She worked with mixed media and learned fundamental skills. She loves to create pointillism art, as it follow many design principles and elements such as contrast, balance, emphasis, movement and so on. Nivine excited to be a part of Artshine because she strongly believes that art should be encouraged and children are have so much talent that will shine right through!

What would Nivine do with 1 million dollars? Open youth shelters and travel the world! Also pay my student debts.

Ramy Zaky

Artshine Instructor

Meet Ramy, an artist with a diverse background in art and proficiency in various artistic
mediums, as well as a deep understanding of human and animal anatomy.
Currently pursuing a Master's degree, he is exploring the intersection of art and technology,
showcasing a profound commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.
Ramy's goal is to ignite creativity in the younger generation and empower them to contribute to
a better future. His journey reflects a lifelong dedication to art, from the early stages of childhood
to his current pursuits in digital creature animation and film production

Renee Murray

Artshine Instructor

Renee has always loved to draw, even as a child. Creating different ideas and watching as it comes together. It was no surprise that she went to art school at Sheridan college and later on to Algonquin college for animation for television.

Working with children in the Artshine program has been a fun, creative way to motivate in a positive way. Renee considers herself a kid at heart, so we all can be silly! On the side she also oil paints and is part of a theatre group in her community. Renee says that "the “arts” have always been in my blood".

Renee's favourite book and movie? Lord of the Rings!

Robbin Cook

Artshine Instructor

Robbin has loved the visual arts her entire life and has
finally decided to pursue her passion professionally. A recent graduate of the Illustration and Concept Art program at Algonquin College, she is now a freelance illustrator bringing her dreams, and the dreams of others, to life. A huge animal lover, Robbin’s artwork – using both traditional and digital media - often centres around the natural world and both mundane and fantastical creatures. She is beyond excited to share her passion for creativity with children and inspire them to be themselves, to explore artistic expression, and to have fun!

Salma Alami

Artshine Instructor

Salma is a vibrant student at the University of Toronto, who carries a special place in her heart for all things art, especially drawing—a passion she's been nurturing since she was little. As she journeys through her undergrad in French Teaching, Salma cleverly finds ways to sprinkle her daily life with creativity. Whether she's leading as the creative director or brainstorming as a content creator for school clubs, Salma always finds a way to let her artistic spirit shine. She's a firm believer that art is more than just a hobby; it's a vital form of self-expression and a fun, creative outlet that everyone should get to experience!

Sarina Bastida

Artshine Instructor

Sarina is passionate about arts and sports of all kinds. She was a gymnastic coach for 10 years and graduated from a Graphic Design program 3 years ago. Artshine gives Sarina the opportunity to combine the two.

Fun Fact: Sarina has been a worlds cheerleading athlete since the age of 14.

Shantelle Simone

Artshine Ambassador

Shantelle is a self-taught artist who grew up in Western Canada. Her many journeys led her to the east coast and, now with a family of her own, she happily resides amidst its stunning beauty.

She loves to create and tends to do it daily - whether it be with markers, paint, fabric or play-doh. It's all fodder for her creative side. Experimenting with different mediums is her jam. And so is working with kids! She has spent the last 6 years working in schools and afterschool programs. She loves inspiring young minds and supporting their vast imaginations. Shantelle is thrilled to be a part of the Artshine team!

Sonia Nadeau

Artshine Instructor & Curriculum Creator

Sonia has a lifelong devotion to art and children, starting her journey with art at the age of 2. Sonia has illustrated over nine children’s books. Her most recent book earned her the 2016 mom’s picks award and a bronze Moonbeam award.

Sonia has earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a diploma in Early Childhood Education specializing in inclusion, supporting children with special needs. Sonia sees her role at Artshine as a perfect opportunity to connect both of her passions. She loves the art the children create through the program and she loves the positive outcome the art creates for the children.

Sonia's favourite T.V. show growing up? Looney Toons!

Stephanie Fehrenbach

Artshine Instructor & Curriculum Creator

Stephanie has loved art ever since she was little. She have my Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree from Queen's University and has been working in Arts Education.

Stephanie began teaching with Artshine in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the program. The focus was on process rather than perfection - teaching students to use their imagination and develop their technical skills in fun and engaging ways. When she's not teaching with Artshine, Stephanie runs her own art studio. Her work can be viewed at Paula White Diamond Gallery in Waterloo and at Canvas Gallery in Toronto.

For more info about me and my work visit:

Tamara Kazaniwsky-Corish

Artshine Instructor

Tamara is a passionate creative explorer, delighting in finding new and exciting forms of art, crafting, and creativity everyday The world surrounding us is full of much beauty and she draws her inspiration from nature, incorporating sustainable practices, recycling, and making her own art supplies into her work. She is passionate about teaching and spreading the joy of art into the lives of those around her.
The feeling that drives her art and creativity is a desire to give someone a moment. A moment to think, to slow down, to savour. To give the gift of time even if it is a minute in a person's day.
She Is passionate about painting in all forms, colours, patterns and all things they apply to, and has been a multidisciplinary artist, maker, and creative since she was young child. A passion she loves sharing with a new generation, and beyond.

TĂ©a Brzak

Artshine Instructor

TĂ©a Brzak is a 19 year old artist who wants to spread her passion. Her goal is to help people learn about the world's creative and imaginative aspects. When she was 9 year old, she began drawing with graphite and markers for fun in her free time. During middle school, she began perfecting and practising the techniques she had taught herself to be accepted into the integrated arts program at Eastwood Collegiate Institute. She now works for ArtShine as an art instructor to share her love for art and creativity. Her main mediums are graphite, marker/ink, watercolour and clay sculptures. TĂ©a hopes to one day sell art commissions and make a living off her art and her creative, novel writing. Her focus right now is writing, art and her adorable cat Koda.

Tiana Hull

Artshine Instructor

Tiana Hull went to college for Social Work and has been working as an Early Childhood Educator for the last four years. Tiana has taken an interest in Artshine through her own passion for art since being a child and being inspired by the imagination and creativity of young minds. She love working with all forms of art, and believes art is incredibly healing and therapeutic to those of all ages. Tiana looks forward to working within the community to invigorate everyone’s inner artist.

Tina Bellinfante

Artshine Instructor

Tina has a background working in schools with children of all ages. She would often be found in the school’s art room creating and prepping tools for kids with special needs, knowing that through making and creating children can learn in their own unique way. She believes that art, like education, can and should be universal. She is thrilled to join a company that makes art accessible for so many.

Tina is a mom of two very artsy little girls. In her spare time, she enjoys using pastels, baking, and being out in nature.

Tina Lund

Artshine Instructor

Tina is an artist with a passion for polymer clay. Having the privilege of teaching children's art for over 10 years has given her the opportunity to share my love of creating. A fine arts graduate from Georgian College, Tina is a wife, mother, pet owner, and outdoor enthusiast living in Innisfil, Ontario.

Trevor Anzai

Instructor & Artshine Ambassador

Trevor is an emerging visual artist with a passion for mentoring and encouraging. He loves to create with colour and expression, currently working with acrylic paint and fine drawings. He believes that creating art has therapeutic and rewarding effects. You can find him cheering for the Ottawa Senators during his free time—even though they haven't made the playoffs in six years!

Trinity Martin

Artshine Instructor

Trinity is a student at the high school of Waterloo Oxford. She has been apart of the painting, photography, graphic design and animator courses.  She has experienced many kinds of art mediums. Acrylic painting is her favourite but she is open to the many different kinds of painting including, oil painting, and watercolours. Trinity is very passionate about working with kids and loves to see their creativity!

Victoria Lee

Artshine Ambassador

Victoria is excited to join the Artshine Team as an Ambassador. Victoria has over 20 years’ experience in Child and Youth work in both the UK and Canada managing several youth services and programs.

Community engagement, program development and facilitation has been an integral part of Victoria’s career. She is looking forward to using these skills to support the development of Artshine in Atlantic Canada.

Victoria has had the privilege of being involved in creative projects with children and youth and has witnessed first-hand the value and therapeutic benefits of art. It is magical to see a young person grow in confidence whilst feeling a sense of achievement and pride in what they have created. Being part of these programs has given Victoria the confidence to explore her own creative pursuits including upcycling furniture!