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What Students Are Saying

"It's fun! You get to do things like painting and
pastels. I liked all of the assignments."

"I love participating in Artshine! I like painting and blending
colours. Taryn is so nice. I would love to see her again."

"I really liked it, the teacher was really kind. I like
that you get to take the extra supplies home at
the end. My faves were the first painting
assignment with the trees and the tropical pastel
assignment with the palm tree and dock."

" I liked almost everything. I just found the pastels messy.
My favourite assignment was the first painting, with the
trees and sunset."

teacher delivered the box. I learned how to blend
watercolours. I learned how to smoothen out the pastels and
blend colours together. I have done a tree in the past with
my teacher Mr. Forte; we did the art in person. The only
difference between Artshine in person and Artshine online
was the way art was viewed and the interaction.
"My favourite pieces were the polar bear when we
were doing watercolours and the beach when we
were doing pastels."

"Artshine was my favourite thing on the school schedule
because I learned a lot of different art techniques and
it was fun. Overall I had a very fun and great
experience at Artshine and I would do it again."