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Artshine Reads & Chouette Presents:

"Caillou Meets Sophie: A Story About Autism"

By Kim Thompson & Mario Allard

While playing at the park, Caillou meets Sophie, an autistic girl. She doesn’t speak, doesn’t like loud noises, but sees many beautiful things that other children usually don’t notice. In her very own way, she communicates with Caillou.

At her side, Caillou learns about the peculiarities of the autistic condition and understands that children with autism like to have fun, just like everyone. At the end of the day, Caillou is happy he made a new friend.

Caillou and Sophie, A Story About Autism contains a poster that describes the main characteristics of autism and the attitudes that should be adopted to facilitate the integration of autistic children into a group. The poster is approved by Autism Canada.

In this box...

   We memorize 4 new words of advanced vocabulary with their definitions