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Artshine Reads:

"When Dinosaurs Go Dancing"

By Judy Cook & Sonia Nadeau

When Dinosaurs go Dancing has everything to delight junior palaeontologists-from fossils to foxtrot. Where else can you tango with triceratops, minuet with pachycephalosaurus, and then bow to apatosaurus before tap dancing across tectonic plates? Here's the place to dance with dinosaurs while learning how to pronounce their names! You'll dig up new facts, then pirouette to the next page to learn about exciting fossil finds throughout history. Art and Science elegantly dance together in this fanciful picture book which is sure to inspire many a classroom discussion or bedtime conversation- AND...if you like to sing while you practice your dino dance moves you can download the song at

The box contains a soft cover book, one link to a video tutorial + read along, and supplies to create some hip artwork!

And we learn about...

   Watercolour Painting Techniques
   Framing with Foam
   Illustrating Dinosaurs (And Creature Techniques in general)