Art Lessons From Home

'Artshine in a Box' is a visual arts subscription service. Your child will receive an exciting art kit each month that explores a different theme and art medium and includes an online video and printed tutorial.* We're pleased to offer a free gift in every new subscription box! Will you get a toy, activity, or a tasty treat? Subscribe and find out!Subscribe for longer and receive more surprises!

Specialty Boxes

Each box includes all of the supplies needed to create the project pictured, plus a printed step-by-step guide.

Specialty boxes can be purchased on their own, or as an add-on to a new Artshine in a Box recurring subscription!

Offerings will be updated regularly, so keep checking back for new projects!

*Some specialty boxes include an access to a video tutorial, with URL video link and password.


Premium Boxes

Our home order lessons are now available at a premium level. Each 'Artshine in a Box Premium' box explores one theme and includes 3 projects that build off each other to enhance your child's skills.

Premium boxes include all supplies needed to create the 3 projects, 3 printed step-by-step guides, plus access to 3 video tutorials.

Offerings will be updated regularly, so keep checking back for new projects!

Artshine Reads

Artshine reads is an immersive experience that combines the magic of story telling and the creativity of art, all in one box! Build vocabulary and learn new art skills following instructor Caro in an enchanting reading of the book and video tutorial to create a piece of art inspired by the story.

Each box includes a video link, book, art project, and all the art supplies needed

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Kinder and Elementary Monthly Subscription

Subscribe now and receive engaging lessons featuring drawing, pastels, painting, 3D pens, and much more!

Here's how it works:

• Select the appropriate box for your child's age. Artists aged 4-6 (Kinder) or artists aged 7-12 (Elementary).

• Choose the length of your subscription term. We offer subscription services for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

• Let your art shine!

*Orders will be processed once per month, on the 5th of each month.

classroom kits

Classroom Kits

Classroom Kits include individual art supply packs for each of your students, with everything needed to create the every project. This includes a step-by-step video tutorial. 

Custom Pet Portraits

Pet portrait boxes offer the chance for a custom and commissioned portrait of your furry friend. They can be purchased on their own or as an add-on to a new Artshine in a Box recurring subscription!

Custom pet portrait boxes make great gifts!

These 8"x10 paintings are created by Artshine's artist Sonia N.

pet portraits
artshine package

We're Environmentally Conscious!

In an effort to reduce packaging material and shipping costs,  projects are shipped in the Artshine box only once every three months, with the remaining kits mailed out in these snazzy padded envelopes.

Our hope is that kids will use the boxes as storage — three months' of art supplies fit comfortably in one box! And they make handy-dandy travel kits!

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Get One, Give One!

For every 'Artshine in a Box' kit/lesson ordered, we donate one to a child in need.

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