Ma Petite Chaumière Activities | Artshine

Grade 1:

  •  Geometry and Spatial Sense

    • Overall Expectation:

      •  identify common two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort and classify them by their attributes;*

    • Specific Expectation:

      •  identify and describe common two- dimensional shapes (e.g.,circles,triangles, rectangles, squares) and sort and classify them by their attributes (e.g., colour; size; texture; number of sides), using concrete materials and pictorial representations (e.g.,“I put all the triangles in one group. Some are long and skinny, and some are short and fat, but they all have three sides.”);

    • Activity Idea:

      • To create your cottage, you had to use a lot of shapes and lines. How many different shapes can you see?

      • Write all the shapes you can find down and then challenge yourself to see how many of each you used in your picture.

      • Once you are finished, use your picture to play a game of Ispy with a family member. You could spy shapes, colours, or animals!

Grade 3:

  • Strong and Stable Structures

    • Overall Expectation:

      • investigate strong and stable structures to determine how their design and materials enable
        them to perform their load-bearing function;

    • Specific Expectations:

      • investigate, through experimentation, how various materials (e.g., paper and wood) and construction techniques (e.g., folding, adding layers, twisting/braiding, changing shapes) can be used to add strength to structures

      • investigate, through experimentation, the effects of pushing, pulling, and other forces on the shape and stability of simple structures(e.g., the effect of adding one or more struts on the strength of a tower; the effect of adding ties on the strength of a bridge; the effect of adding weight to the base of a tower on the stability of the tower)

    • Activity Idea:

      • During Maya’s tutorial you were taught how to draw a cottage, but what if your challenge was to build a cottage?

      • Challenge:

        •  Build two cottages using materials from around your house.

        • Once you have chosen the materials you are going to use for each cottage, create a chart with two columns. At the top of each column you will write either cottage one or two and the materials for each.

        • Before you begin to build, make predictions about which one you think will be the strongest.

        • Then, build both of your structures.

        • After you have built each structure, test their strength by completing the following tasks:

          • Blow on the structure

          • Give the structure a high-five

          • Put a book on the structure

        • Following the completion of each task, write in your chart what happened to the structure.

        • Once all the tests have been completed, using your findings, make a conclusion about which structure is stronger.


Grade 4:

  • Writing

    • Overall Expectation:

      • generate, gather, and organize ideas and information to write for an intended purpose and audience;

    • Specific Expectation:

      • generate ideas about a potential topic using a variety of strategies and resources (e.g., brainstorm; formulate and ask questions to identify personal experiences, prior knowledge, and information needs)

    • Activity Idea:

      • The cottage that you created is the setting of your next story. Come up with characters and a plot surrounding your setting.

      • Challenge: You must include a lion in your story!

      • Once you have organized the plot of your story, write it out on paper and illustrate it.

      • After your story is complete, share it with your family and see what they think!