When retirement home residents take part in our creative art group activities that foster creativity, exploration and experimentation, they feel like kids again! Studies show that art can affect people positively by inducing both psychological & physiological healing.

 Our exciting curriculum teaches not only a variety of art techniques and mediums, but also self-reflection, imagination and cultural art history. Browse our collection.

Bring the Kids!

We organize intergenerational art experiences that forge lasting bonds between parents, grandparents, and children. Draw closer as you make art together, whether you're 3, 43, or 93!​

We also partner with schools and art organizations to connect seniors with youth. Our programs help to foster meaningful connections between seniors and adolescents or elementary school children. They encourage creativity and collaboration, offering seniors an opportunity to share their legacy with the next generation.

Trigger Some Happy Moments

Interested in setting up a Seniors Art Program or Intergenerational Art Program at your loved one's group residence? We'd love to help.​

Please fill in the form below to inquire about our paid, subsidized, or free options.

Each Artshine seniors/inter-generational program runs for 8 weeks with classes of 8-20 participants.

Subsidized & free pricing options available both for agencies and for individuals. Ask our staff for details.

In places where our paid programming is running, we can also offer team-building events for retirement home staff at half price.