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Artshine Reads:

"How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read"

By Andrew Katz and Juliana Léveillé-Trudel

Artshine Reads is an immersive experience that combines the magic of storytelling and the creativity of art, all in one box! Build vocabulary, and learn new art skills following instructor Caro in an enchanting reading of the book "How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read" by Andrew Katz and Juliana Léveillé-Trudel. After the reading, Caro will show you how to create a piece of art inspired by the story.

Each box includes a video link, book art project, art supplies and a printed step-by-step guide.

What is this book about?

A tale of two book lovers and an unlikely friendship!

The box contains a hard cover book, one link to a video tutorial, and all supplies for a soft pastel activity on sandpaper, with a 3D mixed medium twist.

What does the child learn?

 4 new words of advanced vocabulary with their definitions