Illustration Art Kit + Video Tutorial | Learn How To Illustrate Using Ink and Watercolour (Premium Box)

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This series is for the child who wants to learn illustration using ink and watercolour techniques!

What is a premium box?

Premium Artshine in a Box series includes three projects, three video tutorials, and three printed step-by-step guides! 

Premium boxes make great gifts for the young artists in your life!


What are the premium projects?

      Project 01: A Child and Their Fox  In this project you'll be using ink and watercolour as you create a powerful image that tells a story about a child and a fox.

      Project 02: Heavy and Light Using ink and watercolour learn to  illustrate this adorable moment between two unlikely friends, an elephant and a hedgehog. 

          Project 03: A Puppy Present Learn to paint textures, shadows and highlights in this perfect puppy watercolour painting!

    Artshine in a Box Specialty is best suited for people ages 7-107


    Get One, Give One

    For every monthly Artshine in a Box ordered, we donate an art box or lesson to a child in need.