Indigenous Art Kit + Video Tutorial | Create Meaningful Indigenous Artwork (Premium Box)

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Indigenous Art

Your child will learn to create three unique projects that reflect Indigenous heritage. Dual tip pastel markers and acrylic paint are used in this unique and educational series. 

What is a premium box?

Premium Artshine in a Box series includes three projects, three video tutorials, and three printed step-by-step guides! 

Premium boxes make great gifts for the young artists in your life!


What are the premium projects?

      Project 01: Turtle From Instructor Alanah Jewell "Turtles are very important in many Indigenous cultures, especially those in North America! For some Indigenous people, we refer to this continent as “Turtle Island” because it’s shaped like a turtle. We have many stories about how Turtle Island was created: we call these “Creation Stories,” and these stories have been passed through generations for thousands of years". Project paper, sharpie, and dual-tip markers are used to create this project. 

      Project 02: Deer Deer are very sacred creatures in Indigenous culture. In this project we will be drawing a deer looking to sun for guidance. Canvas board, sharpie, and acrylic paint are used to create this project. 

      Project 03: Fish & Bear Learn how to use minimal and thick bold lines to draw this bear and his favourite food, fish! Canvas board, sharpie, and acrylic paint are used to create this project. 

Artshine in a Box Specialty is best suited for people ages 7-107


Get One, Give One

For every monthly Artshine in a Box ordered, we donate an art box or lesson to a child in need.