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Pastel Frog

Bring the vibrant colors of the tropical rainforest to life with our Pastel Frog Specialty Box.

This all-in-one art kit includes a video tutorial and is designed to ignite your artistic flair and provide you with everything you need to enjoy this stunning oil pastel experience.

What is a Specialty Box?

A Specialty Box is a unique offering that allows you to embark on a special interest project without committing to a recurring subscription. It provides a one-time purchase option, catering to your specific artistic preferences. 

These also make a great add-on to a new Artshine in a Box recurring subscription!

Specialty boxes make great gifts!

What's in the box?

  •    Project Paper: This high-quality project paper is specifically chosen to enhance the performance of art supplies. Its smooth texture and heavyweight composition ensure that your artwork will be vibrant and long-lasting. 

  •   Oil Pastel Set:  Dive into a world of rich and vivid colors with our carefully curated oil pastel collection. These professional-grade pastels are known for their blend-ability, allowing you to effortlessly create stunning gradients and textures.

  •   Step-by-Step Project GuideOur comprehensive project guide takes you through each stage of the artistic process. From sketching the frog's outline to adding intricate details and highlights, and the beautifully vibrant surroundings. 

  •   Video Tutorial: For those who prefer visual guidance, we provide a video tutorial that complements the step-by-step guide. Watch as our skilled artist demonstrates the techniques and offers valuable tips to enhance your artistic skills.

  •   Artist Essentials: This comprehensive set includes all the essential items you need, such as pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and more, to bring your creative visions to life.

  •   Bonus Gifts: We appreciate you choosing to be part of the Artshine club, so we have included some exciting bonus gifts in your box!

  •   Bonus Project: Every box includes a bonus project. You can use the supplies provided or think outside-the-box and to create something completely different! 

     Artshine in a Box Specialty is best suited for people ages 7-100

    *Brand of supplies may differ from those present in promotional images. 


    Get One, Give One

    For every monthly Artshine in a Box ordered, we donate an art box or lesson to a child in need.