Artshine in schools


What Artshine Can Do For Your School

We've developed a rich curriculum for JK to Grade 8, available in both French & English. 

Are you a Principal or School Council Member? Here's how we can help support you:


We are a mobile arts program. That means we come to you! Our instructors conduct classes right inside elementary schools, during lunch or after school. So convenient!

Artshine makes the arrangements with school principals, and then deals directly with parents to coordinate payment for each child online. Et voila: the kids benefit from consistent & progressive art enrichment. Are we in YOUR school?

Artshine Programming is Convenient
Enriching and Educational
We Give Back to the Community

By offering our programming in your school, you're helping us create a community where participation in the arts is not limited by income, ability, or life circumstance.

Bonus Benefits

When you run Artshine in your school, you get:

  • 2 Free Student Enrollments for every 18 that register

  • 50% off Team-building Events for Staff

  • Artshine Gift Certificate for Parent-Council Fundraising

  • 30% off Wall Murals

  • Flexible 3-tiered Pricing Model to Meet Your School's Needs

  • A Complimentary 40-min Art Assembly for All Your Students

Principals rave about their Artshine / Arts4All Programs!

Introduce Artshine to YOUR Child's School

Check out the SCHOOLS currently partnered with Artshine / Arts4All. 


Don't see your child's school listed there? Fill in the form below.  If the school partners with us, your child may be granted an Artshine scholarship! Plus, through your referral, the school may be eligible to get 10% off all programming.

Custom School Murals

Ask us how to get 30% off a mural in your school! We're partnered with an amazing local company. They can help you transform your gym, entryway, or lunchroom & pump up school spirit!


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