This months we'd like to highlight two people from our team, Katelynne and Jen. 


A picture of Katelynn, she is happy, with a big smile and she is wearing glasses.

Katelynne is a Nova Scotia-based artist/illustrator currently residing in Halifax, NS. 

Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: Watercolour

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Animal: Dogs!

Favourite Artshine Project: Paintless sea turtle with markers, pastels, and plastic wrap

Favourite Food: Pizza and pasta (with lots of parmesan)

Ideal Superpower: Teleportation or flying

Favourite Disney Movie: Aladdin

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with buying houseplants. I can't walk into anywhere that sells plants without coming home with one. 

Jen is a graphic designer (and former Artshine instructor), living and working in Vancouver, BC 

Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: I love to paint with gouache. Gouache is a paint used by illustrators that mostly comes in little tubes and can be used as a watercolour-like wash or a more opaque-type paint like an acrylic. I love the versatility of the paint and the ability to create bold and striking paintings. 

Favourite Colour: My favourite colour is probably a soft rosey pink colour or a sage green

Favourite Animal: I love all animals! But I realllly love cats. My cat's name is Billie Holiday and she has long fluffy hair.

Favourite Artshine Project: My favourite artshine project is the Ted Harrison inspired polar bear water colour and oil pastel resist project! I also LOVE the new Artshine Reads projects, its a book, a video reading of the book and an art project inspired by the book, very cool! 

Favourite Food: Pizza, pasta, ramen, dumplings. I love food!

Ideal Superpower: Time Travel

Favourite Disney Movie: Hard to choose!! A recent Disney/Pixar movie I love is Coco!

Fun Fact: I studied art history abroad in Europe during University! We studied Renaissance art in Florence, Impressionism in Paris, and so many more art movements in various cities around Europe. It was the the trip of a lifetime!