This month we'd like to highlight one of our art instructors, Becky Dmitrienko!

Becky's favourite part about working for Artshine getting to work with so many great people and seeing how everyone follows the same steps but makes a beautiful piece of art that is unique to them.

Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: Is a toss-up between watercolour, painted ink and water, and soft pastels. The reason for the three-way-tie is that I find I can happily achieve the soft look of serene scenes and innocent children's characters that I enjoy with all of these mediums, and it's fun to have some variety.

Favourite Colour: Yellow because it reminds me of the warm sunshine, which always brings a smile to my face. Purple is also a great colour and looks great with yellow, perhaps because it's the complementary colour of yellow!

Favourite Animal: Black spotted panther

Favourite Artshine Project: Picking just one is tough, but probably the giraffe

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Ideal Superpower: The ability to stay positive and kind to everyone despite my mood or surrounding events

Favourite Disney Movie: Rapunzel! 

Fun Fact: I am the second oldest of 21 cousins who all live within one hour of KW, and we gather regularly. Most of us now have our own kids, of which there are 24 already in the next generation.