This months we'd like to highlight our French Social Media Coordinator and Instructor, Caroline Lavallee-Milot. 

Caroline's favourite part about teaching for Artshine is the freedom, the regularity, and the surprise factor - all at once!

Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: Dry stuff - chalk pastel

Favourite Colour: Mango yellow

Favourite Animal: A mystical, silent, almond eyed black female bunny. Called Jessica. And who turns 1 this year.

Favourite Artshine Project: That entry landscape pastel project given on the first month of virtual classes... all reds oranges and blues with a fine tree silhouette... ahh. The love.

Favourite Food: Indian Palak Paneer and hot french fries on the side

Ideal Superpower: I was going to answer "telepathy" but I find calmness to be much more surreal.

Favourite Disney Movie: My 8-year-old self answers "The sleeping beauty" on beta cassette from the local video rental store.

Fun Fact: I tape myself singing and harmonize live as a form of meditation.

Art Fact: I often reflect on how Da Vinci made it with about 20 paintings, most of which were found unfinished... The thought generally occurs upon witnessing some 136th piece of original artwork on one person's Instagram account! See, if we're no longer a century of epic names, we've certainly become the un-forecasted era of a million colours