This month we'd like to highlight our French Program Coordinator & French Instructor, Maya Grubisic!

Maya's favourite part about working for Artshine is the Artshine team!

Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: Printmaking

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Animal: Platypus

Favourite Artshine Project: The cursive projects! It's so much more fun to draw letters (with personalities) than to write them!

Favourite Food: Baklava

Ideal Superpower: Being able to make our planet a sustainable place for our children to live

Favourite Disney Movie: Mary Poppins

Fun Fact: I was named after my older sister's one-armed doll

Art Fact: Did you know the actor James Franco was also an artist? He once created an invisible sculpture called ‘Fresh air’. It was described as an endless supply of oxygen. Someone bought the ‘sculpture’ for $10,000.