This month's we'd like to highlight our Instructor and curriculum creator Sonia Nadeau. 

Sonia has been an instructor with Artshine for 5 years! Her favourite part about teaching for Artshine is getting to work with joyful children who love art.

 Here are a few facts about her:

Favourite Art Medium: Watercolours

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Animal: Wolf

Favourite Artshine Project: Muskoka Sunset

Favourite Food: Food fresh picked from the garden

Ideal Superpower: Be a waterbeetle so I could fly and dive

Favourite Disney Movie: I thought long and hard about this one. There is such magic in the art in some of them, perfectly rendered facial expressions on animals, people and Olafs vibrant character. The fabulous storyline of independence in Brave ...the emotional tenderness of friendship in Up. I cannot answer this question. 

Fun Fact: I have 6 brothers and sisters and they are all artists and musicians.

Art Joke: What did the mom paint say to the baby paint? Don't use that tone with me!


Want to take a class with Sonia? Check out our Studio 44 workshops - she's developed the curriculum and is teaching the classes this fall!