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Thanks to our wonderful partners of Artshine and the City of Kitchener the families of Courtland Shelly were able to stay engaged and creative this Covid Christmas! We received about 50 craft ornaments and were able to give them all out! Some of the members in the community have big families so we were able to give out extras and even some parents got to join in on the fun! Because the Courtland Shelly community is filled with so many wonderful people we only were able to hand out to youth who participate in our programs frequently, they went out as part of our Christmas drop off to families. This was a big help to us staff as we wanted to give them a craft to keep youth entertained during the winter break so we are very grateful that we were able to give out these ornaments! Some feedback from parents was that they were very happy to be able to participate in a craft with their children, some of the youth were happy they had more things to do during the break. On behalf of the families of Courtland Shelly and the team, we thank you!


- The HOF team