How much of our daily lives are influenced by art?

Think about it; from product design, clothing design, car design,  our homes, video games, movies, etc.

As adults, why do we need art? Our knowledge of history is through art. Art is a recognizable universal language that breaks cultural divides. Art can heal stress and be a healing process for mental illness. Art can increase self awareness.  The act of simply touching colour can be therapeutic. Think of how often children touch colour and how it is removed from us as adults.  

As children art is;  problem solving skills, language development, visual learning, inventiveness, universal language, decision making, motor skills. Creativity.  To name a few. 

I personally have seen children's lives change through programming like ; Artshine, children who may not excel in other subjects like math, sports and other subjects may excel in art. This gives them the confidence boost they needed to see their grades go up. With our programming we run classes for youth at risk , where their art can be part of an art show. Youth with special needs have sold holiday cards and doorways have opened for other opportunities because of Art.

As for careers In art there are some obvious choices and some less obvious choices; art director, graphic design, interior design, animator, video game web design, technical design , industrial design, curator, advertising etc many of these careers are salaried.

Some less obvious choices; Artists are excellent problem solvers always seeking an end result they Make excellent entrepreneurs, great for business, crime investigation mediators. They make excellent lawyers critical thinking ability and to see what's not always obvious.

You may want to check out this book;

New York times best seller; A Whole New Mind Why Right Brainers will Rule The Future. Daniel Pink 2005


Creativity is essential for success.